Readout, Real Time Monitoring and Flight Data Parameters' Visualization


PGS VISION P/N : 100-0100

PGS Vision System (PGS-VS) is a stand-alone software purposely designed to simplify FDR & CVR Data Readout, Flight Data Decoding, Real-Time Monitoring and Replay in aeronautical units.

PGS-VS provides editors and tools that ease every day operation: Logical Frame Layout, Fleet Management, pre-defined FDR, CVR and Quick Access Recorder download procedures. All these tools provide users with the ability to edit and configure aircraft, readily adapt to new aircraft types and perform mathematical functions on the data.

PGS Vision enables users to quickly turn raw binary data into readable charts, graphs and reports. PGS Vision also includes powerful audio decoding algorithms to convert CVR audio encoded data to standard Microsoft® WAV file format and synchronize audio records to the flight data.



PGS Analysis P/N : 100-0200

PGS Replay P/N: 100-0500