MDU 379 300-XXX

Flight Line Real Time ARINC 717/429 monitoring system and high-speed FDR/CVFDR download device

Monitoring and Download Tools

MDU 379 P/N : 300-020-XXXX

Confidence and efficiency of flight data analysis highly depend on sensor accuracy. This latest technology, Monitoring & Download Unit, solves the practical problems of real time monitoring of flight data for true operational value.

Flight Data Vision MDU 379 is designed using the latest technologies and electronic concepts to provide a highly reliable unit that is simple to install and operate. The flexibility of the product and its adherence to the functional characteristics of ARINC 573/717, ARINC 429 and EIA RS422 allow its use on most aircraft types.

The MDU 379 interfaces to a laptop or desktop computer using a standard USB 2.0 full speed compliant port. The data transferred to the computer may be used for Real Time Monitoring with engineering unit display or stored to the computer disk when the MDU379 is used as a CVR/FDR readout device.

The device complies with the industry standard USB 2.0 Full Speed. Drivers are available to ensure a complete Microsoft Windows XP/Seven/Ten compatibility.

The MDU 379 has been designed to simplify Flight Line operations.



  • Very low weight. Less than 0.6 kg (1.3lb)
  • Very low power. 2 watts maximum
  • Simple Operating – USB 2.00 Full Speed Interface.
  • 1 x Opto-Isolated ARINC 573/717 Output
  • Up to 2 x ARINC 429 Inputs.
  • 1 RS 422 High Speed Interface.


  • Dimensions: Overall length: 147 mm | Overall width: 89 mm | Overall height: 44 mm
  • Weight: 600 gr (1.3lb)
  • Case Construction: Aluminium housing
  • Power Supply: USB powered
  • Power Consumption: Typical 2 Watts
  • Main Connector: SUBD, 44 pin
  • Cooling: Free air convection. No forced cooling required
  • Interfaces
    • 1 Opto-Isolated ARINC573/717 input Up to 2048 WPS
    • 2 Opto-Isolated ARINC429 input High Speed – Low Speed
    • 1 x RS422/HDLC
  • Temperature: Operating: -25°C to +60°C | Storage: -55°C to +75°C
  • Operating Software: PGS 100-0X00