Real Time, Comprehensive, Interactive and High Fidelity 3D visualization of Aircraft Data


PGS Replay P/N: 100-0500

PGS 3D Replay System (PGS-3D) is an add-on software that seamlessly integrates with PGS-VS or PGS-AS and provides the users with Real Time, Comprehensive, Interactive and High-Fidelity 3D visualization of aircraft data. PGS-3D presents flights from inside or outside the cockpit and show fully functional cockpit instruments. The 3D high fidelity aircraft models are fully animated and synchronized to flight data.

In addition to a built-in library of panels and instruments, PGS-3D features powerful instrument and cockpit editors: The users are able to create their own instruments and EFIS displays without programming.

PGS-3D comes with a Runway library that covers most IFR equipped airports. Additional airports / airfields can be created by the users operating an integrated Runway Editor.

All aircraft models can be fully animated and mobile parts mapped to the flight data. PGS-3D displays interactively and simultaneously with all other PGS features (Plots, audio and Tabular data)

PGS-3D can be used by decision makers to improve flight safety, analyze and simplify complex aircraft data and enhance Pilot Training Programs.



PGS Analysis P/N : 100-0200

PGS VISION P/N :  100-0100ay P/N: 100-0500

PGS VISION P/N : 100-0100