Readout, Real Time Monitoring and Flight Data Parameters' Visualization: Comprehensive Flight Data Monitoring (FDM/FOQA/HFDM)


PGS Analysis P/N : 100-0200

PGS Analysis System (PGS-AS) is a stand-alone software specifically designed for Flight Data Monitoring (FDM / FOQA / HFDM) Programs.

Analytics results can easily be loaded into Microsoft Power BI software to produce customizable and bespoke reports.

It contains all the tools that make daily flight data analysis easy. Building Event detection, Measurement and Counter programs, launching automatic analysis sessions and reporting detected events becomes simple and practical with PGS-AS. In addition, all Events, Measurements and Counters are managed into a powerful statistical database.

PGS-AS is designed for extensive user customization features. The system is highly configurable to allow the user to view a complex or simple snapshot of each event and the associated flight data and make fast, informed and reliable decisions.

Events, Measurements and Counters can be configured by the user using simple and comprehensive editors. In addition, the users can develop their own functions for unlimited flexibility.

PGS-AS is typically operated for general flight data analysis, engineering, accident & incident investigation and flight data monitoring (FDM/FOQA …).

The system can instantly link to a high-fidelity visualization of the data set, showing in detail the event sequence the user is viewing.



PGS Replay P/N: 100-0500

PGS VISION P/N : 100-0100ay P/N: 100-0500

PGS VISION P/N : 100-0100