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Hardware Products

Solid State Quick Access Recorder (SSQAR) P/N : 200-E10-XXXX

Flight Data Vision Quick Access Recorders are designed using the latest storage technologies and electronic concepts to provide a highly reliable recorder that is simple to install and operate. The 200 range is designed with flexibility and expandability in mind.

Solid State Quick Access Recorder (SSQAR) P/N : 200-E20-XXXX

These Quick Access Recorder comply with both Fixed & Rotary wings aircraft requirements. These equipment’s have been designed to allow the use of the latest technologies, including Ethernet, SD Cards and USB communications…

Monitoring Data Unit / MDU 379 P/N : 300-020-XXXX

Confidence and efficiency of flight data analysis highly depend on sensor accuracy. This latest technology, Monitoring & Download Unit, solves the practical problems of real time monitoring of flight data for true operational value.