PGS Suite for the Aircraft Industry

Software Products

PGS VISION (PGS-VS) P/N : 100-0100

Software designed to simplify FDR & CVR Data Readout, Real-Time Monitoring and Replay. PGS-VS provides editors and tools that ease every day operation: Logical Frame Layout, Fleet Management, pre-defined FDR, CVR and Quick Access Recorder download procedures. download procedures. download procedures.

PGS ANALYSIS (PGS-AS) P/N : 100-0200

Designed for airline Flight Data Monitoring Programs. It contains all the tools that make daily flight data analysis easy. Building Event detection, Measurement and Counter programs, launching automatic analysis sessions and reporting detected events becomes simple and practical with PGS-AS. The software complies with both Fixed & Rotary wings aircraft.

PGS REPLAY (PGS-3D) P/N : 100-0500

Integrates with PGS-VS or PGS-AS and provides the users with Real Time, Comprehensive, Interactive and High Fidelity 3D visualization of aircraft data. PGS-3D presents flights from inside or outside the cockpit and show fully functional cockpit procedures. download procedures.