SSQAR 200-E20

Solid State Quick Access Recorder for Rotary-Wings Aircraft


SSQAR P/N : 200-E20-XXXX

Confidence and efficiency of flight data analysis highly depend on access and reliability of in-flight recorded data. This latest technology, Quick Access Recorder, solves the practical problems of retrieving data for true operational value.

Flight Data Vision Quick Access Recorders are designed using the latest storage technologies and electronic concepts to provide a highly reliable recorder that is simple to install and operate. The 200 range is designed with flexibility and expandability in mind.

Using PCMCIA/PC CARD concept eliminates the need for a specialized and expensive download unit: Reading out recorded flight data parameters utilizes the actual PC Card drive of the computer running standard Windows© operating systems.

The units feature high-speed recording functions that are able to write data to a removable solid-state memory module from multiple monitored interfaces. Memory modules are available in many sizes up to 4 GBytes.

The SSQAR has been designed to simplify installation and location onboard the aircraft. Attachment directly to the airframe in any orientation eliminates any additional mounting tray. The unit comes with a single standard MIL-C-38999 Series II 37 Pin rear connector.



  • 750 gr (1.7lb).
  • Very low power. 4 watts maximum at Power Up.
  • Up to 4-Gigabyte removable solid-state memory.
  • Simple installation – No forced cooling required
  • 1 x Opto-Isolated ARINC 573/717 Input
  • 4 x ARINC 429 Inputs.
  • 4 x Discrete Inputs (Series & Shunt)
  • Uploadable customer´s flight data parameter acquisition & sampling program.
  • Precise time stamp recording.
  • Tested to DO 160 requirements.


  • Dimensions: Overall length: 163 mm | Overall width: 146 mm | Overall height: 38 mm
  • Weight: 750 gr (1.71lb)
  • Case Construction: Aluminium housing
  • Power Supply: 28 VDC
  • Power Consumption: Typical 3 Watts (4 Watts on power-up)
  • Main Connector: MIL STD 38999 Serie II, 37 pin
  • Cooling: Free air convection. No forced cooling required
  • Aircraft Interfaces
    • 1 Opto-Isolated ARINC573/717 input Up to 2048 WPS
    • 4 Opto-Isolated ARINC429 input High Speed – Low Speed
    • 4 x Discrete inputs (4 shunt)
    • 1 x RS232 (Configuration, advanced Monitoring & Troubleshooting)
    • 1 x 28 VDC input
  • User & Maintenance Interfaces
    • 1 Memory card slot for PCMCIA
  • Mounting Installation: Panel mounting using DZEUS Fasteners.
  • Storage Media: PCMCIA/PC CARD Type II solid-state memory cards, up to 4 Gbytes
  • Recording Capacity: Up to 20000 hours at 64 WPS
  • Temperature: Operating: -40°C to +70°C | Storage: -55°C to +80°C
  • Environmental Qualification: RTCA DO160D
  • Software Qualification: RTCA DO178B, Level D
  • MTBF: 10,000 hours
  • Run Control: Can be configured to start from power-on or from discrete input trigger
  • Readout:
    • H/W : Standard PCMCIA Card drive
    • S/W : PGS 100-0X00 software or 3rd party FDM software
  • Configuration: Uploadable customer´s flight data acquisition program
Solid State Quick Access Recorder (SSQAR) P/N : 200-E10-XXXX

Solid State Quick Access Recorder (SSQAR) P/N : 200-E10-1XXX

Solid State Quick Access Recorder (SSQAR) P/N: 200-E10-2XXX

Solid State Quick Access Recorder (SSQAR) P/N: 200-E10-2XXX